Amanda Awards 2013

Aug 21, 2013

Proud and honored as the score for Chasing The Wind (original title Jag Etter Vind) went on to win the Amanda Award (Norwegian Oscars equivalent) in the category Best Musical Score last week. Big thrill! 

To celebrate the occation, I've uploaded the title track from the movie - just go to the front page and hit the play-button to tune in. After a busy July touring with a bunch of bands, I'm spending most of August & September scoring a new movie; draft titled "Raging Grannies", director Håvard Bustnes' much anticipated follow up after his award winning "Blood and Honor" (portraying Norwegian boxing star Ole "Lukkøye" Klemetsen) is both thought provoking and promising. As Bustnes has been working on this movie for more than 3 years already, the funding finally fell into place this spring, and he was finally able to put together a team to wrap everything up this fall. The movie will be in post-production until the end of 2013. So far it's been great fun!

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