Mechanical Fair - a busy week

Jul 07, 2013

(Photo by Christian Haugan, All Rights Reserved - +4793212393 /

Still alive.. after an extraordinarily busy week: MECHANICAL FAIR - my commission for Kongsberg Jazz Festival after winning the last years annual DNB Award (and 300.000NOK,) finally premiered on stage three days ago. After rehearsing day and night for almost two weeks, we played a near 90-minute set attacca, without a single musical chart on stage, at the cinema of Kongsberg. The encore was the title theme from Norwegian movie "Jag Etter Vind", taken from the score that I was happy to be notified was nominated for Best Musical Score at the Amanda Awards just a couple of weeks ago. 

(Photo by Nina Birgitte Bjørlo, All Rights Reserved)

Endless gratitude to a band of apparently everlasting stamina; Ole Morten Vågan, Petter Vågan, Erik Nylander, Even Helte Hermansen and sound engineer Tor Breivik - you got all those strange little musical machines up'n'running! Tor did a multitrack recording of the concert, and I'm curious to hear if it might qualify for a live release at some point.

(Photo by Thomas Hegna, © 2013 / Tel +4745066886. All Rights Reserved. All unauthorized distribution is strictly prohibited.)

The day after the premiere, I cracked my back into place and walked over to Tubaloon - the festival's biggest venue (located outdoors,) where Norwegian countryrock-legends HELLBILLIES were scheduled to do a show with me and trumpeter Mathias Eick, along with trombonist Erik Johannesen (Jaga Jazzist) and saxophonist André Roligheten (Albatrosh) as guests. It was loud. And it was a blast. Big thanks goes to Lars Håvard&Aslag/Hellbillies, and to Kongsberg Jazzfestival for hosting both these events this year. 

On saturday, I cracked my back into place yet another time and headed for Oslo Airport. I was scheduled to perform at the annual Fossajazz at  "Kibnebfestivalen" located near Trondheim, Norway. As my flight landed a bit too close to showtime, the mayor of Agdenes Kommune hired a helicopter for me to get there in time. A f** helicopter! Needless to say, this must have been the most over-the-top-entré of my entire life. But what a rush! This year I had the priviliege to do the show with a great up-and-coming Norwegian bluegrass band named Julie & The New Favorites. So a million thanks goes to JATNF, Kibnebfestivalen/Knut Anders Vestad and Agdenes Kommune. 

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