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Originally a commission work for Jazzfest in Trondheim, Steamdome established itself as a new house/prog/dance/jazz powerhouse outlet in 2016. Their self-titled album debut sent the group thundering through the sound barrier in late 2017, and praise showered down from press and audiences. Sold-out concerts, several prestigious awards and a top 10 position on the list of Norway's best-selling vinyl records later, Ola Kvernberg followed up with the award-winning sequel "Steamdome II: The Hypogean" in 2021. 


As one of Norway's most versatile musicians and composers, encountering club music ultimately

ignited the spark Ola needed to start the Steamdome train back in 2016. With several of Norway's most influential musicians on board, the ball began to roll in earnest. The album quickly developed into the band Steamdome, and one of the most remarkable commercial breakthroughs for a Norwegian jazz musician became a matter of fact. Steamdome today consists of Ola Kvernberg, co-producer, drummer/ percussionist and long-time collaborator Erik Nylander (Monoswezi, Liarbird, Mechanical Fair), newly added guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Petter Vågan (The Fjords), drummer Olaf Olsen (Bigbang, Fra Det Onde), bassist and guitarist Nikolai Hængsle (Band of Gold, Bigbang), Øyvind Blomstrøm (Orions Belte, Odd Nordstoga) and Daniel Buner Formo (Trondheim Jazzorkester, Kobert.) Former Steamdome members include percussionist Martin Windstad and drummers Børge Fjordheim and Hans Hulbækmo. 

Steamdome II: The Hypogean

Following the debut album's heavier acoustic-leaning percussive sound, The Hypogean delivers synths, drum machines, prepared piano, arps, pump organ and vocals. With a jazz musician's impatient DNA and a film composer's flair for concept and drama, recycling his work is never an option for Ola Kvernberg. On The Hypogean, musicians step out of their usual roles. On occasion, Ola replaces his fiddle with a drum machine and synth bass, bassist Nikolai Hængsle picks up the guitar and Daniel Formo leaves his Hammond organ to set the soundscape aflame with homemade noise machines.

Additional Credits

«Steamdome II: The Hypogean» was recorded by Dag Erik Johansen and Kai Andersen in the legendary Athletic Studio, mixed in Duper Studio by Jørgen Træen and mastered by Morten Stendahl in Trondheim. Double 180g gatefold vinyl release by T-Time Vinyl Plant. Additional contributions: Kirsti Huke (vocals on "Diamondiferous") and Cenk Erdoğan (bonus track, exlusively available on vinyl and CD edition.) 


The Hypogean is a subterranean journey with musical nods to Gustav Mahler, Fela Kuti, John

Williams, Luke Vibert, Kraftwerk, Caetano Veloso, yMusic, Billie Eilish and Squarepusher.

Steamdome III: Beyond the End

In 'Beyond the End,' Ola Kvernberg melds rhythmic energy with symphonic might in a composition that transcends conventional musical genres.


Three years after the critically celebrated 'Steamdome II: The Hypogean' made its indelible mark on Norwegian music history, Kvernberg elevates his ensemble with 60 musicians from the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. He ignites the graviton train and aims to propel us into the stratosphere - Beyond The End, without travel insurance, but accompanied by a select group of Norway’s most innovative rock and jazz instrumentalists, with a finely honed symphony orchestra at the helm.


A Symphony of Equals


With 'Beyond the End,' Kvernberg has crafted a deeply personal opus that, more than ever, showcases immense versatility and an unwavering determination to push musical boundaries. The result is a 62-minute genre-defying journey where Kvernberg invites the classical tradition to a modern dance among electric tempests and symphonic adrenaline rushes, breakbeats, synthesizers, timpani, flutes, and electronics at an unparalleled level. As Kvernberg himself notes: — Many crossover projects see bands borrowing symphonic elements, yet it remains a rarity to find symphonies where both band and orchestra contribute equally vital roles


A 62-Minute Listening Feast


Far from the polished, one-minute bangers crafted for an impatient audience, 'Beyond The End' unfolds as a symphony in three movements. Could this be the work that resonates across arenas and festival grounds for years to come? Incorporating the progressive, danceable club aesthetic that has become a hallmark of the Steamdome universe, it stands at the heart of this double album, proposing a fusion that just might capture the imaginations of listeners far and wide.


'Steamdome III: Beyond The End' premiered as the closing concert to over 3000 attendees at Olavsfest in Trondheim, Norway, with the festival's overarching theme being "trust" — The diversity among the performers in this mega-project reflects the unexpected yet delightful range of our audience: spanning from 20 to 80-year-olds, encompassing all shapes and sizes. Whether this journey sends your glasses flying, brings warmth to your cheeks, or stirs up a storm within you, rest assured there's someone on stage riding the same wave of emotions as you. 'Beyond The End' offers a mosaic of experiences, ensuring there's a piece of the puzzle for everyone to connect with. It might sound ambitious - but then again, it is!




As one of Norway's most versatile musicians and composers, it was the encounter with club music that ignited the spark Ola needed to launch the Steamdome train in 2017. The debut album quickly evolved into the band Steamdome, marking one of the most remarkable commercial breakthroughs for a Norwegian jazz musician. Today, Steamdome comprises Ola Kvernberg, co-producer/drummer/percussionist Erik Nylander (Liarbird, Mechanical Fair), drummer Olaf Olsen (Bigbang, Fra Det Onde), bassist Nikolai Hængsle (Band of Gold, Bigbang, Møster), guitarist Øyvind Blomstrøm (Orions Belte), and organist/synthesist Daniel Buner Formo (Trondheim Jazz Orchestra). The Trondheim Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Nick Davies (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), with Daniel Turcina serving as the concertmaster. The album also features guest appearances by vocalist Kirsti Huke and guitarist Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan. Recorded at Monkeybar Studio in Skarnes, Liarbird Studio and Olavshallen, both in Trondheim, the album was mixed by Jørgen Træen and mastered by Helge Sten.




'Beyond the End' is an interstellar journey with musical nods to the likes of Krzysztof Penderecki, Prodigy, Gustav Mahler, Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, John Coltrane, Steve Reich, Hamlet Gonashvili, The Heliocentrics and Arvo Pärt.

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